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Q: What is your return policy?


A: Information about returns, shipping, and cancellations can be found in our Terms & Conditions.  Also please see our Privacy Policy, Site Map, and shopping cart FAQ.  These can all be found in our Help Zone.


Q: Can I wear the darker eye colors during the day?


A: Many women use the darker shades during the day—it is really a matter of personal preference. As a rule of thumb, though, you might use the lighter and more matte shades of eye color for daytime wear, the darker and more pearlized at night. You don't have to worry about removing the daytime makeup—just apply the darker shades over the lighter.


Q: I tried mineral foundation and it looked like I had simply powdered my face.


A: If your mineral foundation looks powdery after you've applied it, wait five or ten minutes and check again. The minerals meld with the oils of the skin and look natural in a short while. Also, remember to apply mineral foundation in light layers until you achieve the desired effect. Another reason why you might feel "powdery" is that your foundation shade is too light.


Q: I love the wonderful colors of Alice mineral eye shadows, but often they spill down below my eyes and it's hard to remove.


A: Place a finger directly under the eye with one hand while you are applying the minerals with the other. Or use our Eye Shadow Guard. The more the shimmer, the more the minerals tend to splay out. If you are using a light color, say, Gold Frost, a little sparkle around the eye area is not a bad look!


Q: Which of your foundations provides SPF protection against UVA and UVB rays? And how much? Should I use a regular sunscreen also?


A: Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide have natural sunblocking qualities and are used in many commercial sunscreens. Although our foundations do contain those ingredients, we do not recommend going into the sun for any length of time without a broad-spectrum sunscreen underneath your makeup. Some mineral makeup companies say their formulas constitute a certain SPF factor, but we believe that if you are wearing just a light layer of minerals, it will not be enough protection. When choosing your sunscreen, be sure to choose one that has protection from both UVA and UVB rays.


Q: I'm all confused about brushes. Can you simplify the subject for me?


A: For mineral makeup application, four types of brushes are the most useful:

Facial/bronzer/blush—full and fluffy.
Eye shadow—many sizes and shapes, all relatively small.
Eyeliner—very thin and a bit firm.
Concealer—small and stiffer because they are usually made with Taklon, a synthetic fiber that does not hold the minerals like other brushes but instead keeps them on the surface, so they work better with concealers.


Beyond that, there are different shapes and widely varying qualities. Some brushes are angled, rounded, or chiseled (hand-cut in layers so that they hold the minerals especially well). Which you use is a matter of preference, as is the level of softness you prefer. 


Q: I have acne. Will mineral makeup help to clear up my skin?


A: Mineral makeup is wonderful for acne sufferers because it does not contain ingredients that can irritate the skin. In fact, several of the ingredients, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, are soothing to the skin. Will it help to cure your acne? Probably not, but the absence of additives, preservatives, and perfumes in most other types of cosmetics may make a big difference. Women with acne should try using our Mini Miracle Cloth to wash the face thoroughly using only water, with no added chemicals or irritants.


Q: Is Alice Cosmetics a signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics?


A: Alice Cosmetics neither excavates nor grinds the minerals from their natural state, so technically we are not a manufacturer and thus cannot sign the Compact. We nevertheless fully support the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, which is working to shift the cosmetics market to cleaner, greener, healthier products. Learn more about the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics at http://safecosmetics.org.


Q: What does "private label" mean?


A: Alice Cosmetics is a private label company. What this means is we can select the best of the best for our line of products—high quality ingredients, formulations, and colors—and offer them to our valued customers. We are the creator and manufacturer of our Buff Palette™, of course.


Q: Do you perform animal testing?


A: Alice Cosmetics does not perform any animal testing nor are any animals maimed or killed in the production of our custom line of brushes for mineral makeup.



We would love to hear from you! Please send your comments and questions to Alice Cosmetics. We will try to respond to every query. Write to us through our Contact form or email us at info@alicecosmetics.com.

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