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Wait a minute after applying moisturizer. Tap some foundation into your Buff Palette™ or jar lid. Swirl your brush into the minerals, tap off the excess, and apply to the face using a light buffing, or quick back-and-forth, motion.


Start with a thin layer and add layers as needed. Always brush in a downward direction on the sides of the face to avoid fluffing up the small hairs on the cheeks.


A soft, dome-shaped and long brush head is best for applying foundation and buffers, so that the minerals can be placed evenly around the nose, mouth, and eyes.  Our Face Fluff brush is perfect for this.




Alice Cosmetics Buffers, sometimes called veils, are translucent facial powders that finish and polish your makeup following application of foundation and blush. Use under foundation to absorb oil. Use alone without foundation for a natural look. Apply just as you do foundation —swirl, tap, and buff.


tip: "Set" the foundation (and blush and buffer, if used): Put a drop or two of water on the hands, rub together, and press gently into the face.




Using a Taklon brush (our Camouflage brush is perfect), dip the brush into the minerals and load up the tip of the brush. Dab on the blemishes and brown spots carefully, avoiding the area around them.


Use concealer as an under-eye cover-up, starting at the inner corner and stopping at the center of the eye, covering just the darkest part of the "circle" under the eye.


tip: Concealer should not be used to cover fine lines and crow's feet—it will only accentuate them.


To camouflage red areas, use a concealer that is roughly the same shade as your foundation, because you want the area to be minimized, not highlighted. Our Bisque Concealer, which is less reflective than other concealers, is great for this.


Brush the concealer lightly over the red areas of the face—around the nose and on the cheeks, where tiny broken capillaries can cause redness sometimes not visible head-on.


tip: After your concealer and the first layer of foundation, dot blemishes and brown spots again, this time with your foundation.


Using a light concealer, or your foundation a shade or two lighter, highlight the areas you want to emphasize/contour—the chin, the center of the forehead, the area just below the outer edge of the brow, below the lower lip, and on the crease between the nostril and the edge of your smile. When highlighting, unlike when spot-concealing, blend well.




Place a very small amount of blush minerals into your Buff Palette™ or jar lid and swirl the brush in it. Our Contoured Cheek brush is perfectly angled for blush application. The amount of blush used should be no more than the equivalent of a few bread crumbs, particularly for the darker shades.


Tap the brush handle on a hard surface so that the minerals shift down into the brush head. Lightly swipe the blush up and outward toward the temple, placing the blush only on the upper apples of the cheeks (smile to define the area).


tip: Before applying blush, swipe your wrist lightly with the brush.


Do not put blush on your nose, forehead, or chin. The effect can simply be a red face. If sun-kissed is what you want, use a bronzer. A very sheer dusting of blush may be applied to the temples and the sides of the forehead for a contouring effect.


tip: If you do not plan to apply eye shadow, sweep the blush over the eyelid, concentrating on the crease area. It gives your face an instant lift.


At first, it can be easy to overdo it with blush because the pigments are so concentrated. If you overdo it, our Mini Miracle Cloth, wet or dry, can help.




Bronzer should be applied to the parts of the face that will reflect the most light—the cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose, and chin. Make sure not to go overboard, because this can cause your skin to look dirty.


As with foundation, start with a light application and add more as desired. Bronzer can also be applied lightly to the shoulders, collarbone, and décolleté. Use a facial brush to apply bronzer, such as our luxurious Face Fluff.


If the man in your life says no to makeup for himself, ask if you can experiment on him with a bronzer—Alice Cosmetics Special Bronzer for men. You may have a convert.


Women also find our Special Bronzer an excellent allover "concealer" on the décolleté after using spot concealer on brown spots and blotchy areas. Our Bisque Concealer may also be used in this overall way.


tip: When applying mineral makeup to the décolleté, no need to buff like you do on your face. Pat and brush lightly until you achieve the coverage you desire.




For a well-defined eyeliner, wet the minerals with water and swirl around in the lid with our Small Liner Brush until the desired consistency is achieved—like heavy cream or mayonnaise. Working quickly, place a thin line as close to the lash line as possible.


For a smudged look or less-defined line, use the minerals dry, pushing the minerals down into the lash line with our Small Sable Brush, and apply two coats. Also place a thin line of minerals just under the lashes of the lower lid. Our Eye Shadow Guard is especially helpful with this.


tip: To create a dramatic "foiled" effect, use the light and dark shimmers and the pearlized colors wet.


eye shadow


To apply eye shadow, dip your brush into the shadow, swish around in the lid, then tap to get rid of excess minerals. (Try our custom Chisel Fluff and Chisel Shader brushes for applying eye shadow.)


Use short, feathery strokes and blend upward and outward, starting with a small amount then adding layers. For a thicker application, pat the shadow onto the lid with the flat side of the brush. Blend well, and remember that the ring finger is often the best tool for blending.


tip: Use a light color or light concealer just under the outer edge of the brow for contouring, and place a smidgen of a light-colored mineral in the center of the lid to widen the eye.


Shield the under-eye with a finger or our Eye Shadow Guard when applying eye colors. To remove any specs of shadow that fall under the eye, twirl a cotton tip very lightly in the opposite direction of the spill, barely touching the skin. Do not be tempted to use your finger for this delicate operation!


tip: Always remember to cover your working surface with paper towels or a cloth before applying minerals. Between colors, rub the brush head back and forth on it.




Don't forget the brows! Eyebrows are back. They frame the face and add dimension to your eyes.


For those with brows that are thinning at the ends, mineral powders are perfect for extending the line without looking artificial. Using our Soft Brow Brush, feather the inner brow. On the arch and the outer brow, press the thin edge of the brush firmly just above the brow line.


For those with blond and light brown hair, try our Cappuccino Eye Shadow for the brows. For those with darker blonde and medium brown hair, try our Sparrow Liner/Shadow. Women with dark brunette, red, and black hair should select a close match among the matte eye colors.

Plum Heaven Eye ShadowBlue Ice eye shadowSandal Wood eye shadow

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